We understand the difficulty and cost in wanting to take up education or employment in Australia. Even the cost of a passport can be challenging.

Register with us, and you can refer people to our program and be rewarded for it. Either to reduce the cost of the course program or as an income stream this could replace the average Papua New Guinean income. We have many levels of rewards from Referrer, Ambassador, Agent, Merchant and much more…

Register with us, and we will guide you through the process, via a questionnaire on we can best assist you through your career path. Whether you’re in grade 10 planning your future or in your 40’s wanting to improve employment options, we have a solution for you.


Registration is FREE, and helps us better understand who, what and where you are. However, you also have the chance to earn or save on your Membership. You can earn K10 or save K25.00 (towards your membership) for every Membership you referred to us


Once you become a Member, you can refer people to our Membership program and receive K25.00. You can apply to be an Agent once you referred 5 Members.


You can apply to be an Agent once you refer 5 Members. Once you become an Agent, you receive K50.00. You also get K5.00 for every new Member registered by a Member in you area or via an invitation code you have supplied. You are supplied support material, Business shirt, cards, posters and stickers.


Merchants are normally set up to be either accept cash or in a location where we do our Seminars. However, schools, institutions or business may become Merchants. There are also locations where people can find out more information. Agents receive K50.00 for every Membership.